Spring is almost here. That’s a nice thought. This is the time of year to get out of the house, plan gardens, clean up the yard, play with the kids, and get ahead of the insects.

Yes spring is a great time to take preventive measures against infiltrating insects. Preventive measures are the key to fewer pests.

At Aardvark Pest Control Services, we embrace the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a green approach to pest control that looks at root causes of pests and looks for opportunities to diminish conditions conducive to their activity. When conducive conditions are removed, we use fewer pesticides.

The following suggestions are a significant part of any environmentally friendly green pest management program.

Interior spring cleaning is an excellent way to disrupt pest activity – especially spiders. Now is a great time to move furniture away from walls when you vacuum. Vacuuming those hard to reach areas will also eliminate potential food sources for mice and ants.

Check for gaps at the bottom of door sweeps and gaps around utility line entry points to keep pests out. Replace door sweeps as needed. Seal any gaps around utility line entry points to dissuade carpenter ants or prevent a possible summertime nest of yellow jackets.

Check screens to keep flying insects out of your home on those days when you want to let some fresh air in.

Move wood piles away from the house. Wood piles provide nice habitats for rodents, ants, and nesting opportunities for stinging insects.

Clean out the garage. Clutter provides nice hiding places for insects and rodents.

Consider decorative rocks instead of mulch. Mulch provides an excellent living environment and food source for seasonal crawling insects such as ground beetle and millipedes. These spring and summer time pests live in mulch and then invade your home when it gets too hot or too wet.

Make sure to rake old leaves away from your home. Seasonal crawling insects like to live in and eat last year’s decaying leaves. Generally speaking, they like any decaying organic matter.

Finally, make sure that the gutters are clean and water is flowing freely thru the downspouts. A rain gutter full of leaves makes an ideal spot for mosquito breeding activity. Also, be careful about anything on your property that might collect water.

Good luck and enjoy the coming nice weather.