Mosquitoes can seriously ruin your enjoyment of your backyard with their buzzing and biting. Our service will enable you to once again enjoy beautiful backyard nights.

Our three-step process begins with an inspection to identify visible areas of standing water in your yard that might give mosquitoes an opportunity to breed. Such areas could include bird baths, knots in trees, inoperable swimming pools, upside down trash can lids or old tires.

Once identified, we’ll make suggestions to help eliminate those areas that promote mosquito breeding and we’ll treat those areas that can’t be easily dried out with a product that will kill mosquitoes in their larval stage. This stops a mosquito’s ability to reach people-biting adulthood.

Next, we’ll apply insecticide to control adult mosquitoes. Typically areas treated include shrubs and ground cover around the perimeter of you yard and beneath decks and outbuildings.
These applications are most effective when made on a 21-day cycle between May 1 and September 30.