Bed bug heat treatments use high temperature to kill bed bugs. This safe and environmentally friendly process uses dry heat to kill bed bugs. It is effective and will kill all life cycle stages-while reducing or eliminating the application of insecticides.

The temperature known to cause thermal mortality in all bed bug life stages is approximately 122°F. During the treatment process it is critical that all areas of the space being treated reach this temperature range. To ensure that this temperature is achieved in all areas, the temperature inside the structure is typically raised to approximately 135° to 145°F. To achieve this temperature uniformity, hot air is blown into the structure being treated and is circulated by air movers.

This non-chemical, non-toxic treatment penetrates wall cavities, closets, furniture, and other hard-to-reach locations to eradicate bed bugsin all stages of the life cycle. A heat treatment applied correctly will kill bed bugs in any stage, including the eggs, in one application.

Reasons to Consider Heat Treatment

By using environmentally friendly heat, our trained technicians can eradicate bed bug infestations safely and quickly. We recommend bed bug heat treatments because:

  • Using heat provides a reduced-chemical option
  • It kills all stages of bed bugs including eggs
  • Preparation time is much shorter. Bed bug heattreatments can reduce preparation time by hours when compared to conventional bed bug treatments.
  • You’ll be able to return to your property shortly after treatment is complete.
  • The process takes only one day and only one treatment is required. A three-treatment process is required with an integrated approach.

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