Aardvark Pest Control Services maintains an offsite commodity heating chamber for items that can’t be treated with chemicals. Some of these items include shoes, luggage, books, and upholstered furniture.

Commodity heat chambers provide a hybrid bed bug service option. With an ability to reach 135°F, the heating chamber gives us flexibility to handle hard-to-treat items with minimal impact.

Other items that are suited to a heat chamber are bags of clothes often found in cluttered conditions. When the bags are moved to the heat chamber, it gives the bed bug service technicians the required room to work. It also ensures that all life stages of bed bugs hiding in the bags are killed. Because the density of bags of clothes, it can takes hours for the internal temperature to reach 125°. Since all insects have a thermal mortality of approximately 120°F, the chamber is also useful for treating webbing clothes moths and other insects.

Often this service is used in conjunction with a bed bug preparation service. We can also arrange for pick-up and delivery of items requiring treatment.

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