Bioremediation services provide a maintenance approach to reducing grease build-up in drain lines. Our Bioremediation Service Program usesbeneficial living bacteria strains that consume and digest fats, oils, grease, and organic buildup. Areas treated include grease traps, floor drains and drain lines, and soda and beer tap drain lines. These are also areas that can breed small flies such as dark-eyed fruit flies. So in addition to eliminating drain clogs, this service can also aids in eliminating these small flies.

The living bacteria attach to the surface of the drain where they break down organic material. The bacteria then digest the remaining organic debris, changing it to carbon dioxide and water. Aardvark Pest Control Services’ system is superior to other enzyme-only systems because without the living bacteria, the enzymes simply release the grease into the effluent system. The grease can then reform and cause significant clogging issues down the line.

The Bioremediation Service Program from Aardvark Pest Control Services is offered in conjunction with regular pest control services.

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