“I have an annual contract with Aardvark Pest Control Services. They are absolutely over the top excellent. They are absolutely committed to their work and providing good customer service. They try to make sure that the same person comes to the house, so they know what your setup is and what your issues usually are. I have no hesitation to recommend them.”
–Homeowner in Swarthmore, PA

“I like that Aardvark Pest Control Services will come out without any question when you have a contract with them. They are very responsive, very nice, and have been easy to work with. They have a wonderful staff, and I would highly recommend them.”
–Homeowner in Ardmore, PA

“Working with Skip and Aardvark Pest Control Services has always been a good experience. Our real estate agent suggested Aardvark and we have been pleased ever since.”
–Homeowner in Malvern, PA

“Aardvark Pest Control Services came out to perform preventative treatment on my home. It went great. We have been using them for years.”
–Homeowner in Aston, PA

“Aardvark Pest Control Services is professional, knowledgeable, and always seeks to get to the core of a problem.”
–Homeowner in Wallingford, PA

“Aardvark Pest Control Services provides prompt and professional service. They have always been responsive to multiple questions about different pests and have offered strategies other than their services to reduce problems. They’re kind and courteous.”
–Homeowner in Wallingford, PA