Aardvark Pest Control Services is proud to introduce our Green Pest Management program. The goal of our Program is to provide a high level of pest control service to our customers while greatly reducing the amount of pesticides that are used and introduced into the environment.

Aardvark Pest Control professionals use their knowledge of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and pest lifecycles, habits, and the conditions that affect different pests. Our non-chemical approach focuses on limiting pest entry ways, attractants, harborage, and food. This approach provides the most effective, longest lasting pest control. Pesticides are used only when necessary. Non-chemical approaches are the primary tool to control pests.

This specialized service includes:

  • A specially designed product list of low-impact service materials
  • A green service protocol designed to be even more environmentally friendly than our Comprehensive Annual Protection program
  • A specially designed service agreement
  • Strict adherence to IPM as required by the IPM Institute of North America
  • Record keeping is used to document what we are doing and to explain why any pesticide application may be necessary
  • Monitoring and inspection to spot problems early and identify and correct conditions that encourage pests

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