At Aardvark Pest Control Services,we are expert problem solvers. We’ve been providing pest control services since 1995 and have a proven track record of solid results. Because we are privately owned, our overhead is lower than national pest control companies, allowing us to be very competitive in our pricing for both residential and commercial services.

Our technicians are state-certified and exceptionally well-trained in comprehensive pest control, bed bug control, rodent exclusion and rodent proofing, termite control, small fly control, drain cleaning and, bio-remediation services. We are equally comfortable working in private residences as well as in large organizational and professional environments.

Our experience is varied. Our customers include homeowners, large shopping malls, hi-rise office buildings, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, restaurants, school districts, food manufacturers, and food manufacturers requiring third-party audits.

What differentiates our service is our ability to address the underlying causes of pest problems and then take action. This approach allows us to solve problems with a minimum amount of insecticides.


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