When you agree to an annual Backyard Enjoyment Plan by May 1st

Backyard Enjoyment Plan

is an outdoor pest control plan that targets annoying and disease transmitting mosquitoes, ticks,and fleas. We’ll also inspect the yard, playsets, and outdoor furniture for stinging insects*. Our technicians will treat your yard each month during the spring and summer. This is usually April thru October. If you do not notice a noticeable reduction in pest activity after our treatment, we will retreat the yard at no charge. $99.00 per month up to one-acre.

Comprehensive Annual Protection Plan

We also offer a separate quarterly service plan for the inside and adjacent perimeter of your home. Our Comprehensive Annual Plan targets most household pests** such as ants, mice, and stinging insects. Most homes (up to 3000 sf) are $45 per month with an ACH payment.
Please note, both plans exclude treatment of:
  • honey bees.
  • termites, bed bugs, wildlife, and clothes moths.